The Beautiful You

In this small group setting Monica's teaching will be based on her book Destination Self : Navigated For You with Love by My Spirit Guides. The focus will be on helping you connect with your inner self, finding your happiness and living with purpose. The workshop is designed to help you see the beauty of yourself, how to nurture it, find the things in life that move you and inspire you and also to recognize the desires that lay within you and to help you act upon them.

The intention of this special workshop is to make this journey of self discovery for you fun and light with easy and practical ways to put you on the path of joy and happiness. To know your potentials and to raise your own personal vibration so you may step into each day feeling your own personal power and to be a shining bright light wherever you walk.

It is all within you already and just wanting and waiting to be realized!

Monica is excited to be teaching this course in her conference room in her beautiful Westlake Village location and she is limiting this course to only 8 students so each person will receive personal attention. This is an interactive course with exercises, discussions and meditation.

Dress comfortably. Water Coffee,Tea and Snacks will be provided. Bring a sweater, pen and paper.

Saturday January 19th, 2019, 11:00am-2:00pm. $85

Start the New Year off with some self love and get reconnected with who you are. Navigate yourself onto the road that is waiting for you and begin 2019 discovering your potentials, feeling your joy and knowing where happiness sits for you. This will be a very Happy New Year!

Excited to have this special transformational day with you.

Love and Light


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