My grandmother had passed six month prior to the holidays, we were very close and I really missed spending time with her, and this would be the first Christmas without her. I mentioned it to a friend and she gifted me a session with Monica. I had never met her prior to my session, I had no expectations, but came with an open mind and heart. My experience with Monica was the most beautiful gift that I could have received. Monica brought my grandmother right into the room with us. She spoke of things only her and I shared from childhood to adulthood. The session was full of laughter, tears and overwhelming love. Monica is blessed with an extraordinary gift. She is warm, giving and just beautiful inside and out. I will always charise my reading and I am eternally grateful to Monica and my friend for the lovely time I got to visit with my sweet grandmother. I left my session with a full heart and I realized there is a thin veil blowing gently between life and death and that our loved ones are always with us. I am a true believer. 



Monica is the real deal, she has a true gift and helps others with it! So happy and grateful I met her! :-)



I had a wonderful session with Monica where my Mother came through loud and clear. Without any prompting from me, Monica was able to communicate my mother’s personality, her way of dressing, the way she brought me up, and more. One of the most amazing parts of the experience was the random information of knowing something I was going to do the next day, and that my Mother was excited I was going to do it. There is no way Monica would have known this information ahead of time. I loved my session and recommend Monica highly. 



I've been to other psychic mediums, & can easily say Monica holds a special place in my heart. I am so grateful for her incredible readings. I lost my Mom when I was young & could not remember much about her & our relationship.  Monica has given me many specific details from my Mom that has jogged my memories, & messages of support & love from Mom that show she is with me!  I couldn't ask for more. Thank you Monica from the bottom of my heart!



As part of a girlfriend's weekend reunion, Monica came and communicated with many of our loved ones. It was my first experience with a medium and was just what I hoped it would be. Her abilities are incredible and I wouldn't hesitate to call on her again. Thank you, Monica!

~ Tracy R.

I just had a reading with Monica yesterday. My Mom passed away about 6 weeks ago and I did not think that Mom would manifest at  the reading, but there she was. Monica told me things that were so accurate.  Through Mom she told me things that my Sisters and I discussed. She said that Mom was with my Grandma getting along famously now. She truly received what the essence of who our Mom was. She said that she just wants me and my sisters to be happy and that is exactly what Mom would have said. 

Monica is a caring, giving, listening person who gives the most of herself to each client.

I was very happy with the reading after we were finished. I have been to other psychic Mediums before where after I left I felt unsatisfied with the reading. I felt closure after I was with Monica. Thank you Monica for being available to me in such an important time of my life.

I recommend Monica if you need a very comforting person to be there for you!!!

~ Ellen

A gift from the Universe is what comes to my mind when I think about my experience with Monica. I wasn't sure how a group setting would be, have never experienced this !
As I thought about the people I loved and would want to hear from I zeroed in on one. 
Monica was extremely accurate with the details , in fact she told me my relation to this person! Which of course took me by surprise! The validation process that she goes through to let you know , this is who you think it is ...is mindblowing! 
It will bring you at first fear, then some amazement, a mix of emotions !!! But a sense of true and pure love is the feeling I left with. 
I received a beautiful message to deliver to my brother from his young son who passed away some years back. I traveled to visit family shortly after my group session with Monica. I spoke with my former military , rough around the edges brother. I brought him this beautiful message with all the details. He was overjoyed with feelings of love and a validation that his boy truly is with him! 
Thank you Monica for sharing your gift! You're an angel messenger for us here on this 3D world! 


I just had my first hybrid reading session with Monica, which is a combination of a mediumship reading and a psychic reading. 
I wasn't sure what to expect, and let's just say I was blown away by my experience! Monica has a true gift!
Her office space is beautiful & calming, and her warm energy made me feel comfortable right away.
For the mediumship reading Monica was able to connect with my loved ones, and gave specific details about each of them - which only I would have known. She then passed on some beautiful messages to me from them that brought me peace and a tremendous feeling of love. I will treasure those messages forever!
The psychic reading was insightful, and gave me a lot of clarity & guidance on some concerns in my life right now.
Overall it was such a powerful healing experience, and has impacted my life in such an incredible way. Highly recommend!

~ Sadhna.S

I had scheduled a psychic clairvoyant reading with Monica and had an experience that was amazingly authentic. I felt deeply connected to her energy and was able to get clarity on a number of things that are currently on my radar. We had a surprise visit from my grandmother (who passed away in 2007) during one part of the session that seriously took my breath away. I could have not imagined a more fulfilling and rewarding experience. Thank you, Monica!

~Petra. M

 I just happened to Google “ Medium group session” and found Monica immediately. Normally I would only go to someone who was recommended to me, but thankfully I trusted in the universe. I made an appointment for my 3 siblings and I, to try to connect with our  beloved youngest brother who had passed away after a short illness last November. It was his birthday and we felt a good thing to do. I was so impressed with Monica's energy and how thorough she was before and during the appointment to reassure us and to explain the process.
She definitely connected with Patrick and relayed information from him that only we would know. It felt good to be in someone's presence who is gifted, takes her time and really cares about her clients. We felt reassured that he is happy in the spirit world and it was great to be able to ask him questions about his hospital stay for example  (had he been in pain? - he told us no, but that he was just very tired) and he even revealed a childhood memory to us to explain his love of nature. I had an experience the morning after he died, I was outside in the garden and I saw this sparkling light for several seconds and while I knew in my heart, it was his saying "hello" Monica confirmed it for me during the session. This blew me away.
It was great for us to feel so connected to Patrick and have a beautiful soul like Monica facilitate it, she was the perfect person. Thank you Monica and see you soon.  So grateful for you.

~ Paula.S

It was very nice meeting you today. I want to thank you for such a positive experience. I was touched by the special messages and did not expect so much emotion. I am so thankful to you for helping me hear from my loved ones. This experience will stay with me for a very long time.


I was given a psychic reading by Monica and I happened to be going through a difficult time and felt like my whole world was coming down around me. Monica described myself, other people and events in my life so accurately, i felt like she just knew me without having ever known me. Even down to a specific book she requested that i read which i happened to have as a sample on my kindle that i had started at some point and not gone back to, after my session with Monica i downloaded it fully and read only the 1 chapter i had left off from and the message within it was clear.

I am no stranger to these types of readings but it was so eye opening to watch her take on my energy, she really saw through to my soul and reminded me of exactly who i am and what i'm capable of, needless to say i left Monica that day feeling like i could fly.

Almost 3 months later things are starting to turn around for me as i was told they would, with a little trust and a few leaps of faith.

I have experienced many Psychic Mediums at this point and I would highly recommend Monica without hesitation, it was by far one of my favorite readings i've had.

~ Amy G.


I had no idea about what to expect when I went for a reading with Monica. I went to her in hopes of communicating with my late husband who had passed away 4 years ago.

 Initially Monica made some general comments that could refer to anyone having a reading but about 10 minutes into the reading she spoke my husband's best friend's name and asked me if that meant anything to me. That shocked me because that was his very best and closest friend since childhood and a friend that continues to keep in contact with me to check and see how the girls and I are doing.  She said my husband wanted me to know he was glad that his friend was remaining in contact with me and my daughters. It was very emotional for me.

 Monica told me that my husband was aware our daughter is struggling with what she wants to do in the future and wanted me to know she is going to be fine and that he watches over her when she is in her room alone. He told me not to worry. It's going to be OK. Wanted me to know he watches her on his side and I watch her from mine. This comforted me immensely.

 Monica spoke about my husband's Mother and asked if she spent a lot of time alone because she was seeing her alone.  She said my husband wanted me to know that he spends time sitting with her and this comforts her. His Mother is in a nursing home with end stage Parkinson's Disease and Dementia and has had a hard time as it has progressed over the last 4 years. She took my husband's death very hard. Before she progressed to this end stage she used to tell us that Dan came to visit her.

 Monica gave me enough information through out my reading that I felt very confident my husband had been there with us communicating to me through Monica. I have felt so lost without my husband these last 4 years and I left there so happy and comforted by the reading. I now have a sense that Dan is present in our lives and watching over us and able to intervene in small ways. 

 I am so grateful for my experience with Monica.

 ~ Lisa G.

Dear Monica,

Thank you so much for my reading. I can rest comfortably knowing you reached my father. I was amazed that he told you about his beloved dog Pepper, that was the love of his life

I was also amazed that he told you that he was killed instantly as a result of a car accident. Something that deeply affected our family

I'm glad he told you that he thinks I'm a good son. I cherished my relationship with him

The thing that just blew my mind was that he told you he was in Peace with my late Uncle John and my oldest brother Rick. Both of whom you actually named, even though I never spoke about them to you

I cried a couple of times, but they were tears of happiness, not sadness

Thank you again for such an amazing experience

~ Mark


During a reading with Monica, I was amazed at the detailed information she provided me about my grandfather who had passed away. At one point, she made reference to Henry Fonda and the movie On Golden Pond. When I looked him up on that movie, I saw that he was dressed exactly like my grandfather used to dress and wore the exact same hat. They looked alike! She was able to describe many things about him. For instance, how he loved ice cream and always wore a button-up sweater. She described him as always sitting at his table in a corner of his room, either reading or writing something. It was as if she was in the room with him!  My reading was very pleasant and left me feeling peaceful and happy. I would recommend Monica to anyone wanting answers to their questions. You won't be disappointed. Thank you, Monica!  

~ Jordan Abbott

Since I was a child, I always had unique dreams.  It is typical for me to wake up in the morning and try to figure out what they meant.  It wasn’t until just before my grandfather passed when I started to have dreams with him in them.  I could not figure out what he was trying to tell me, if anything.  When Monica shared her gift with me, I was immediately intrigued.  I had so many questions and wanted to understand what happens when our loved ones are no longer with us.  She read me the following week and I have to admit, I could not wait!  

Before we even started, she told me an older woman visited her in the middle of the night.  I just listened, but knew she was describing my grandmother.  I was amazed at how quickly she connected to my grandmother, and then my grandfather.  Her descriptions of their personalities were so clear and validating.  She laughed when my grandfather came through and explained his unique laugh - he always made a Donald Duck sound when he saw the kids.  Her descriptions were right on.  I knew immediately she was connected to my grandparents.  Their messages were so comforting and Monica was so amazing at communicating with them.  I was so pleased when my grandfather said he sits next to my girls on the bench when they play piano.  He never met my girls.  I am so happy he knows them now. 

I couldn’t wait to share my experience with my sisters and most important, my mom.  Thank you Monica for sharing your amazing gift with me.  You have brought me peace and my family so much relief and closure by communicating the special messages.  I am so thrilled to know my family is still around me, watching my girls grow up and continuing to be part of our lives.  You are truly an amazing gift. 

~ IR


One more day with my "Mamaw" was all I wanted. With Monica's help that's exactly what I got.

She was able take us through one more day of our usual routines, her funeral and her favorite places.

Knowing that my grandmother is happy and with me often and that I really am feeling her hugs, is a blessing.

 Toward the end of my reading Monica said that there was a man coming through-

The day Before my reading I asked my grandmother to come say hi and to Please bring my grandfather,  I have been missing him for so long , so when Monica said that “Popi" is here too, I was overwhelmed. That was my special name for him!

I am grateful to know that they are holding hands again and having a martini, Together.

Thank You Monica  for providing me the opportunity for the "one more day"



I witnessed Monica give a psychic reading to a dear friend of mine. She had rapid fire accuracy in the information which she provided. She was spot on regarding the details of the event which was a huge concern, for my friend. She was able to give her clarity on the situation to help her from "spinning her wheels" and move forward. Very sincere. Amazing accuracy. 

Also, during a mediumship reading with Monica she brought through a message of love and sincere emotion.  It was like having a hug from my loved one on the other side.  Heart warming. Healing. 

~ L. W.  Huntington Beach CA