with Monica Teurlings

A question I am asked often once someone finds out I am a Medium is “ What’s been the most interesting message you have received while giving a reading?” My answer is always the same: Gosh that’s hard to answer, as each reading is so unique. It did get me thinking of some of the beautiful messages and stories that I have delivered for spirit during  a session. I decided to create this page to share a few small stories or messages that I felt were moving  for my clients and left me also feeling changed from the experience. I will not mention names or personal details as privacy is important but I do want to share just a little bit so people maybe can understand and feel the beauty and love that is expressed during a reading by loved ones in spirit.


Monica Teurlings talks about a reading she did that represents how Clairvoyance can work in a reading and how a beautiful story can unfold from it.
Monica Teurlings discusses a mediumship reading she did and how both Clairsentience and Clairvoyance brought out both memories and specific meaningful information to a daughter.
Here Monica Teurlings discusses the love of a mother to her daughter in a reading that gives the daughter a special message.

Monica Teurlings shares a session she had where she brought through a very joyful grandmother and her martini glass.

A high school daughter receives an amazing message from her dad. 

A mother gives a daughter a very specific message about her father and his blue coat that meant so much.