Hi, I am Monica Teurlings. I am Southern California born and raised, married to my husband and have raised two awesome children who are now all grown up. I have a beautiful adopted furry daughter who is a Golden Retriever and YES I happen to speak to the dead. I actually don’t like using that word because through this work I know that there is no death. Living continues in the spirit world and our deceased family members and friends are always with us.

As a natural medium my spiritual experiences began at a very young age and have continued throughout my life. At six years old my first experience occurred when a man just appeared in my room one evening as I was in bed trying to sleep. He sat right on the floor in my room across from my bed against the wall. I would struggle sleeping because my parents would fight loudly outside my door and it made me feel anxious as I was a sensitive child. This man never spoke to me and he never approached me but he would look at me from under his hat every now and again and his  presence always calmed me and I felt peaceful and I could easily sleep. He was there night after night for weeks watching over me until my parents separated and I can remember him clearly today as if it was last night. 

Growing up I would just know stuff. That's how it started for me. I just always had a sense of knowing things that would occur and I had this ability to feel and understand the energy of others. It was however after the passing of my children's father in 2005 when the spirit world became very real as incredible spiritual experiences were happening to me that I could not ignore. One day the phone rang and as I answered it I was in shock as I realized the person speaking to me on the other end  was really on the other side because that person I knew so well had already passed away. Every hair on my body stood up. It was at that moment that I became aware the energy I could feel went much deeper and further than people in my physical presence.  I realized I also could connect to the spirit world. Since 2005 there has been so many beautiful and magical experiences that have happened to me as my abilities grew strong and my communication with the spirit world and those in it really strengthened. 

As a Medium I am truly passionate about this work and about bringing my clients together with their loved ones again. I see in the faces and in their eyes of my clients the healing, the closure and the happiness that takes place during a reading. It is so beautiful to observe and I am so grateful every day I work and spirit always amazes me with every reading I give. 

People often ask about the process to connect with spirit and honestly it’s all fueled in the absolute power of LOVE. I feel so blessed to have this ability to work in this LOVE energy and be the connection between the client who sits in front of me and with someone they loved and lost who now are in the spirit world watching over them. 

I hope I can do this forever. This is always about my client and their loved ones and never about me. I am just the messenger. I have always loved helping people and this is a wonderful way to be of service to someone here as well as our loved ones in spirit.

Having Psychic Intuitive abilities I enjoy sitting with my clients and offer them guidance and insight on matters that may come up during a reading on topics such as love, family, career, finances, and relationships. I don't use any Tarot cards or crystals I just go into my clients energy with their permission and I feel and read their energy and I receive information. I get guided towards where focus needs to be placed for them in their life. Truly it's a beautiful soul reading and these sessions help clients in so many areas as the clients soul really expresses itself for them . These sessions are joyful and interactive and are a daily reminder to me of why I love doing what I do.

I have added Published Author to my Resume:

DESTINATION SELF Navigated for You with LOVE by My Spirit Guides 

Available now on Amazon and online at Barnes&Noble. You will find a direct link to purchase from both retailers on my BOOK page of this website. xxx


It is not to learn to become but rather to strengthen what and who you are already naturally. A professional athlete will never stop training although  he/she is gifted with a special athletic ability but instead they dedicate themselves daily to always working harder on strengthening their natural born abilities. I like to approach my work the same way.


  • Trained and educated at the world-renowned Arthur Findlay College in Stansted, U.K. for Psychic-Mediumship development

  • Studied, Tested and Certified as an advanced Psychic and Medium through Lisa Williams at the Lisa Williams International Spiritual School of Development(LWISSD)

  • Certified by James Van Praagh School of Mystical Arts for Psychic Development

  • The House of Spirit in Hannover, Germany

  • Continuous Progressive Study /Mentorship Study with the best across the globe.

  • Daily dedication, discipline and hard work on my own and within myself to continue to deepen the spiritual connection between me and those on the other-side