What is a Psychic?

A psychic works with the living. They read your energy field/aura. Your aura holds all your information in your life, your memories and feelings and a Psychic is able to tap into that aura (your energy) with your permission and pick up and read your energy and feel into  issues that are particularly relevant currently to you and your feelings and circumstances around them as well as what your soul really wants communicated to you for your best and highest good.A Psychic reading is a great tool to help get clarity and guidance on topics such as love, career, finances and family. Readings are about you, your life and often people in your life and these sessions focus on you finding your joy and discovering your own personal power.A reading like this is really connecting with your soul, your higher self.Although often we can see things moving ahead Psychics are NOT fortune tellers!  Giving away the future takes away your power. There is a fabulous quote I saw and it said” If you want to know your future then create it! I love that. I think it is so true. 

What is a Medium?

A Medium works with the nonliving. We work with people who have crossed over. As a medium I am just a middle man between you and your loved ones. Spirit utilizes a medium to deliver messages for you (our client). As a medium, I raise my vibration and spirit lowers theirs and we meet in the middle to start the communication. This is why we are called Mediums. Spirit rarely will give advice as life is about free will but more to reassure you that they are with you, they have not left you and they are here supporting you. Often in a reading it’s a bit of going down memory lane. Sometimes clients will be like” Wow, I have not thought of that time we spent together in years” Or they talk about something that has just gone on in your life like a milestone/ special event to validate that they were there. Spirit always seems to know exactly what you need to hear and they are always excited to have the communication.This is why in a reading I will always allow spirit to navigate the session and use me to drive the beautiful heartfelt messages to you.

How do you receive the information and messages from spirit?

Every Medium is a bit different on how they get information. One may be more about receiving images in their minds eye other’s its more about feeling and some are fortunate and are able to receive through hearing.

 I receive my messages a few ways such as through feelings called clairsentience. The information comes to me as a feeling and they impress upon me the message through that feeling. I see images which is called clairvoyance. I will receive an image in my mind's eye that will typically be something practical and through that image I can mentally dig deeper into the image and get a story behind it and it leads to more practical and also emotional evidential information. I also can receive information as a download of thought called clairaudience. This comes as either one word like a name or a movie name or song title or it’s a short sentence. This is considered to be internal hearing. Sometimes I will get a strong feeling towards a topic and just an absolute knowing of it to be true. This is called Claircognance

Now each reading is unique as each spirit I work with is their own soul with their own personality. Some enjoy communicating all through feelings that they impress upon me and others enjoy flashing lots of images. Some don’t do any downloads while others will do some. Each reading is special and unique. No two readings are the same.

Is there any negative energy when a medium reading is given?

As a medium we raise up our vibration. That vibration is high. Within that high vibration is pure positive loving energy. Sometimes in readings they send me such incredible love for my client that it overwhelms me and actually brings me to tear up. This happens often. Have you heard of the expression Love and Light? Well that holds very true here. Where there is love there is also light and where light resides there is no dark. So no, there is nothing negative

Usually yes but not always. I cannot nor can any medium guarantee who will come through in a reading for you. This is all up to spirit. I am just there to be the middle man (The medium) So I always recommend to have an open heart and open mind when receiving a reading. Just enjoy the process and the experience.

Will I be able to connect with the loved one I am seeking to connect with?

For Mediumship session - CLIENT HOMEWORK: What I love my clients to do is just start thinking about the person(s) that you would enjoy to connect with again. Then just start thinking about them a couple days before your session thru the day or each morning. Then the night before your session, as you go to sleep just lay quietly in bed nice and relaxed and in your mind or out loud(which ever you prefer) invite them to join us at our session. Invite them from your heart. Have LOVE  and feel LOVE  in your  heart as you invite them. to our session together.Tell them you would like to hear from them and you want them to come. Spirit loves to be invited. Lastly, spirit loves positive happy energy. So listen to some fun music you enjoy on the car ride over to me or 20 minutes before a skype call that can help to put you in a happy mood.

For Psychic session - there is really nothing you need to do to prepare except maybe think about what you want to discuss or gain clarity on. You can be prepared with a list of these questions that you wish to gain clarity on to be sure they all get addressed. It is always a good idea to spend 10 or 15 minutes prior to your appointment (no matter if the session is in person or over the phone) to sit and center yourself with a few nice deep breaths. This will help prepare you for receiving a great reading by relaxing yourself a bit and removing any stress from traffic or a earlier unwanted interaction that may have left you feeling upset or drained.

How can I prepare for a Mediumship-Psychic Clairvoyant reading?

Yes of course!

Can I record my session with you?

How to book a session

To schedule a reading please call either 818-237-4474  OR  949-377-1221


You may also email a request for a reading. You can email your request at info@MonicaTeurlings.com 

Please include in your email a couple days/times that you would like a reading done and I will try to accommodate one of your options you request. I will return your email with a scheduled day/time for you. I will hold that session time specifically for you for 24 hours. You must return the email with a confirmation to successfully secure that time/day within 24 hours.

Also please note if you would like your reading to be in person ,Skype or a phone reading. If the reading you request is either a phone reading or a Skype reading please also include in your email if there is a time zone difference from California.

Once your reading has been scheduled you can pay for your session. 

How to pay for a reading/session?

A reading must be paid for 48 hours prior to your scheduled session if you are paying through the website. There are three options to pay.

One: To pay on the website you need to go to the “TYPES OF READINGS” tab on the site. There you can select the type of reading you would like and pay via PayPal. You do not need a PayPal account to make a purchase. Click on the purchase tab of the reading you want. You will be offered two options. One: pay with your PayPal account or Two: continue scrolling down and you will see the option to pay with your debit/credit card. Follow the remaining easy steps.

Two: A payment may also be made by check. Payment must reach the office within 48 hours prior to your scheduled reading/session.

The check should be mailed to the office at:

Monica Teurlings Psychic-Medium

5655 Lindero Canyon Road Ste #521-3 

Westlake Village ,Ca 91362

Three:The last option for payment is in person the day of your reading. You may pay by credit card or cash.