Payment must be made 12 hours prior to your scheduled reading/session

The FAQ page has a “HOW TO PAY FOR A READING” available to help you successfully pay for your session.



Small Group Readings allow me to do what I do best- foster a connection with the living with their loved one’s on the otherside. Throughout the two-hour session I am able to deliver messages and healing directly from them to you in a supportive and intimate setting. This two hour session includes a time after the readings for questions and answers. 

Small Group Readings provide an opportunity for individuals to collectively experience the transformative power of spirit. Together, the group receives wisdom, guidance and often fun loving messages from Beyond. It’s pretty amazing stuff!

In addition to providing collective knowledge to the group, I am able to deliver many clear, personalized and validating messages to individuals in attendance. Group sessions are kept small and intimate so everyone attending can receive a message from their loved one’s on the otherside. A Question and Answer time will follow immediately after the readings and are a part of the two hours .

I offer two types of readings:

PUBLIC SMALL GROUP READINGS: This group reading is a wonderful way to offer individuals an opportunity to collectively try out a mediumship reading experience and receive spirit messages. I offer these Public Small Group Sessions in my reading room in Westlake Village.  Seats are limited to just eight and when you participate in a public reading you may or may not know anyone else in attendance. You can find dates on my event section tab of my website for upcoming sessions.

Small Group Reading:  $55 a person

PRIVATE SMALL GROUP READINGS: Private Small Group readings are for those wanting to share in a collective group experience with spirit messages but want the participants to all be their own family and/or friends. These private groups can be hosted either in their own home ,specific location or in my office. Limited to eight attendees so each can receive beautiful messages. Please contact me directly to schedule and reserve a date.

 Whether you decide to participate in a Small Group Reading or partake in your own Private Small Group Reading my goal is for each individual in attendance to have had a great experience and leave happy and with a full heart.

 Each session always finishes with a question and answer segment for anyone wishing to understand more.

Private Small Group Readings:   $550


  • Sessions run a full two hours.
  • A Question and Answer time follows immediately after the session is finished and is included in the two hours.
  • Before we begin we set a beautiful intention that those spirits you most need to connect with will show up to relay messages for your soul’s best and highest good. While I try to connect to those you want I can’t promise a particular person in spirit will appear. This is all up to spirit. Please trust in the process, arrive with an open heart and understand that you will get exactly the right guidance at exactly the right time.
  • Receive validation and information for yourself through other’s readings as well as your own. It’s pretty awesome!
  • Share, experience and be a part of the powerful energy of a small group reading.