I am so excited to be speaking on The Inner Journey to Happiness Seminar on Saturday, October 6, 2018 and to have this special time with you to share how the Universe helps each of us when we surrender and trust in it .Recognize  how to see the loving guidance it gives through better understanding of how it’s magnificence works for each of us.I will share examples of my own personal experiences with the universe so you can begin to see through my examples how the guidance always shows up for you but perhaps you did not  know to surrender to it. Learn five easy and practical ways  to create incredible happiness in your life. I want to share with you how to be “A Seeker of Fun, A Seeker of Adventure A Seeker of things to Enjoy” There is so much I want to share.Please join me for this special day and get inspired. Tickets purchased in August are discounted for you. See the flyer below and click on it to order your tickets today.

Happiness feels Awesome so let’s feel Awesome and get Happy!

I look forward to seeing! xx


Click on the link below to purchase your tickets now. Special pricing for August!