Payment must be made 12 hours prior to your scheduled reading/session

The FAQ page has a “HOW TO PAY FOR A READING” available to help you successfully pay for your session.




A soul session with me will NOT tell you everything about what your future looks like. I am not a fortune teller nor do I want to be. Moreover, telling you the future steals your power. I would never want to do that. I want you to feel and know your own power so you can create your future just how you like it. I will absolutely receive information through my psychic faculties but I will use that information to help you on your path in life. That is why you are coming , so you can gain guidance to help you not for you to receive a hour of entertainment.My readings are more about me feeling into the opportunities, potential, abilities and possibilities for you in life so that you can begin feeling that as well. During a reading,  I tap into your energy and I connect with the deeper you, your soul. It guides me to areas in your life where focus needs to be placed so that you can live it more joyfully. It is truly a soul reading. Your soul expressing itself to me for you.

My readings are always positive and are about giving you clarity and focus in areas that come up and I give you tools to work through the areas you are feeling stuck in. This can be with money, with work, in relationships, self love or the lack of it. It’s about uncovering your personal power. There are times we just simply get off track and lose our way a bit and we realize we are not running as good as we should. Sometimes we just lose focus and get lost. When this happens our energy is low, our motivation lacking. 

You may struggle with knowing your purpose and finding passion in what you are doing each day. Sometimes we slowly lose our joy. You wake up one morning, just feeling off and you discover you are not yourself. Because when you feel this way, you are not. Something has changed. Your soul is trying to get your attention. You feel off for a reason. I help you uncover the reason. This is where my psychic abilities really come in. 

Spirituality is individual and the path unique to each but all of us within us have what we need to create what we want. Sometimes we just forget what we want, why we want it  or how to have it. I help you remember.

I want to inspire you to move past your limited feelings, fears that hold you back and help you create more space for yourself and learn to love yourself. Nothing feels better than being in your own personal power. This is where you thrive. I want you to thrive. When you thrive you are living your true essence. It feels good. 

So let’s feel good again. Join me for a private reading where we can get your gas tank filled and get you driving on a road that is for you and get you excited and heading in the right direction with good energy for the beautiful journey ahead for you.