Meditation can be a practice for all, even children. To know yourself, you must sit with yourself. Much is dealt with and worked on in meditation. Words are not needed. It is a time to feel, and it is those feelings that allow you to know yourself. It is the calmness that allows you to hear yourself. There are no words needed to get to know the real you.

Meditation is where you get to know your soul, your light and the highest form of you. All that you are. When you connect with your soul it is not possible to not be happy. You receive an energy boost and you begin to uncover the treasures that lay within you. It is giving to yourself for yourself. It is self-love.

As you build upon your practice you will feel calmer, happier and more energetic. Things that once bothered you feel much less bothersome to you. You begin to see life and all things in it differently and this is awareness. Your life becomes more vibrant and brighter. You feel brighter.

Give to yourself and begin a practice of meditation. Start with how ever many minutes you wish. Any amount of minutes you sit with yourself is beneficial for you.

I will be adding meditations for you to help you along on a variety of topics. Please check back in December for my meditations that are free for you to listen to, and are here to help you on your journey.

COMING early December

Free Audio Meditations by Monica Teurlings