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This very special session is a actual reading with my beautiful Spirit Guides. They wrote my book “DESTINATION SELF - Navigated for You with Love from My Spirit Guides” through me and they work with me everyday in my mediumship, in the workshops I teach, in the live demonstrations I do and in my speaking engagements I give.

My guides have many unique ways of working with me and they are not here solely for me and to guide me on my life journey but they are also here for you as well. They want to enlighten us, to help open us to seeing and understanding and feeling the possibilities that sit within each of one of us. I allow them to step in by me stepping out to allow their wisdom to flow through me to you and for you. I am a channel. You will love meeting them , feeling their love for you and sharing in this special reading especially focused on you.

My spirit guides are a group of many and they made themselves collectively known to me as “Edgar”.

I will channel Edgar during this session meaning they will communicate directly with you, through me for you.

Edgar have the ability to read the energy of those that sit with me and they know what would benefit you the most in this time of your life. Because Edgar loves to have an exchange of communication there is an open invitation for you to ask questions to them during any reading that is about your souls growth and personal development.

Edgar describe themselves as follows:

“We are energy, first and foremost. We are within all things, and yes this means things that are around you.We are individuals and also a collective group. We come forward here as a collective group. We are here to share wonderful ways of being you! We are teachers, we are helpers.

We are here to help you connect with your innate wants, wishes and desires. We are here to come together and to be of service to you and to help you along on your life journey. It is our absolute wish to have all of you find happiness, joy and purpose. We come to you with great love. It is our intention to add to your life a new way of seeing yourself- the correct way of seeing yourself. The only way of seeing yourself. This way is with absolute love.

We are here to be of value to you, to help you be all you can and to do all you are meant to do. To find your purpose and your heart’s greatest desire.

We are Edgar and we love you.”