Destination Self: Navigated for You with Love by my Spirit Guides By Monica Teurlings

This easy and practical book is the result of a collaboration between Monica Teurlings and her spirit guides, collectively known as Edgar. The words were given to her over a period of 19 consecutive days. Edgar describes the purpose as follows: “We are here to help you connect with your innate wants, wishes and desires. We are here to come together and to be of service to you. To help you along on your life journey. It is our absolute wish to have all of you find happiness, joy and purpose.”

The end result is an enlightening road trip to self-awakening, happiness and purpose. Monica’s guides become your very personal spiritual coaches, gently directing you to a future where you can be all that you are.

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Here’s what reader’s are saying about DESTINATION SELF

Reviews from Amazon

Very enjoyable read! I especially liked the exercises within the book. Highly suggest taking your time to complete with fidelity as it really enhanced my reading and helped me actually apply what the author was explaining. The greatest gain was a sense of mindfulness through the use of the exercises which made me feel clearer and more aware of myself and my surroundings.

Just finished this fantastic book that came to me at perfect time. I had been in a bit of a slump and recently fired from my job and obviously been a little depressed. This book was the kick in the but that I needed to cut out the negativity and move forward. Every chapter I finished I felt more and more motivated I ended up reading it in like 2 days because I couldn’t wait to start doing something awesome with my life. Thanks for the boost!

Destination Self is exactly the kind of book that I needed to get started on working on myself and on my relationship with my soul. It is not a book for the advanced soul-searcher but rather for someone like me who is just starting this journey. The author's style is very user-friendly and makes steps like meditation seem very attainable and do-able for anyone. I am so happy that Monica's spirit guides encouraged her to write this book. Monica's dedication, kindness, love and joy shines through on every page. ~Melina KT

This book is a sparkling gem…truly a wonderful read! They say when the student is ready, the teacher appears. I felt like this book was written for me. It could not have come at a better time in my life and I don’t believe that to be a coincidence. It’s like a road map to a happy, more fulfilled life. I read it over the course of several days because I wanted to do the work at the end of each chapter. I could have read it faster but I wanted to really drink in the wisdom and inspiration. I highly recommend this to anyone who is looking for some guidance and loving encouragement to live life to its fullest potential. Thank you Monica (and Edgar) for creating something so beautiful!  ~Dusty B

I enjoyed this book from the first page to the last page.Traveling this journey with Monica's book was exciting, inspirational. educational and has put me back on track to be a healthier "me". Thank you Monica for reminding me how to be the best "me" I can be. Sometimes I need that reminder to stop and smell the roses. This did it for me. This book was so easy to read I am going to pass it down to my daughter, I believe she will enjoy this Spiritual guide as much as I did. Thanks again Monica a true please to read. ~Tammy

I loved this book! I’ve personally had a few readings from Monica and she’s the real deal, so reading about Monica’s spiritual history was a real treat for me. I enjoyed reading the wisdom on every page. I felt cradled in the arms of love while cuddled up reading this book. Thank you for being a genuine light in this world and thank you for sharing healing from your heart and soul. Thank you for sharing Edgar with us. “Destination Self” is a gem of a book! ~ AlyKat

Destination Self, by Monica Teurlings is a book that you can read over and over again. I really enjoyed every page and found the exercises after each chapter extremely helpful. It's a wonderful guide in finding true happiness and reminds you to live every day with gratitude. It's a beautifully well written book. I loved it and would recommend to anyone who wants to find more joy and happiness. ~D Trafficanda

I've tried to meditate before but quieting my mind had seemed so daunting until I read Monica Teurlings' easy-to-follow approach. I loved this book and her simple steps toward more gratitude, peace, mindfulness and happiness. An easy, important read for all of us with busy lives seeking to fully appreciate all of life's simple wonders. ~Nancy P

An easy read. Thoughtful reminder to be more mindful and present in our lives. I enjoyed the guided tour of understanding who we are and how to make the most of each experience. The author uses relevant topics to get the points across. I especially liked the "exercises" at the end of the chapters. Now that I have the information, the exercises showed me how to implement into my everyday life in simple and achievable ways. I have literally just read the first part before the Acknowledgements and a tear rolled down my cheek. It was so lovely reading that dialoque between you and your guides. It always amazes me at the love, encouragement and support they have for us it’s not like anything I have ever known in human form, it’s incredible. This is already a great book. I can’t wait to keep reading. I feel so calm and comforted already just from that beginning section. ~Amy U.K